While listening to Peter O'Sullivan and Joletta Belton discuss their experience with Peter's interaction with Joletta the topic of manual therapy arose

Mark mentioned that manual therapy should be supportive not corrective.

This encapsulates the journey that most manual therapists and manual ther…

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Join us as we interview Aaron Kubal, a chiropractor, doing some great things in his practice and on social media

In part one we talk about his journey and the challenges he faced to get to where he is today.

Aaron challenges the status quo regularly on social media.

What is behind this and how h…

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A key concept that really helped Jarod and Mark better understand and help people with pain was the thought that pain was more defense versus defect.

What does this mean?

How can it help you in patient care?

Tune in to this week's episode and find out!

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The clinic is undoubtedly full of gray and rarely resembles the neat black and white version we learn in DPT school

Humans likely never will fall into nice neat diagnostic buckets.

With this complexity comes scenarios where we aren't entirely sure what is going on with the patient.

They don't fi…

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DPT education can become a very spirited discussion.

Students are at times heard complaining about what they are being taught.

Faculty members are fighting to maintain the balance between getting students ready to pass boards while also preparing them for the gray areas that permeate clinical lif…

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Listen in this week as Mark interviews Joe Camoratto and CJ DePalma. They will discuss their Across the Continuum Program and how they have been able to help clinicians become comfortable with exercise programming in the rehab to performance aspects of any patient.

They are set to launch their…

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Last week Jarod and Mark discussed a systematic review on specificity of spinal manipulation.

The review showed we didn't have any data to support specific manipulation techniques

So what does this mean for our practice?

Is specific manual therapy a waste of time?

Are there ever times where spe…

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A recent systematic review has been published in Scientific Reports titled - The importance of selecting the correct site to apply spinal manipulation when treating spinal pain: Myth or reality? A systematic review

As many of you know this is a passionate topic of Mark's as he spent a great dea…

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Coming off of last week's episode on keys to success as a new grad we thought we would go in the opposite direction.

What are three things you DON'T need to succeed as a new grad.

Listen as Jarod and Mark reflect on things they look back on and recognize were not that important in chart a path to…

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We have been fortunate to have a lot of conversations with new graduates who are early in their career.

We have been able to hear their struggles in our coaching and mentoring program.

It has cause Jarod and Mark to reflect on what, looking back, they feel are the keys to success as a new graduat…

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We had someone pose a question that we get A LOT!

How do I handle practicing with a clinician who is practicing in dated practice patterns?

So how do we go about that relationship?

What has worked and not worked for Jarod and Mark?

What are some strategies you can start today to help you succes…

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Jarod reposted an Instagram post from 4-5 years ago on the three best exercises you can do

What are the characteristics of these exercises?

How do these apply to the unique people we see in pain?

Does exercise need to be hyperspecific or hyperfunctional???

Tune into this week's episode and find…

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Patients regularly report their pain is due to arthritis

Dr. Google is often no help for patients in getting a current view on what their imaging means.

What is the difference between arthropathy and arthritis?

How can this discussion help you help patients?

Tune in to this week's episode of th…

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arod had the following post on Twitter.

You can prescribe the same exact exercise 100 different ways, with 100 different doses, 100 different intensities, and 100 different rationales for 100 different patients. We don’t need goofy fad “rehab exercises”. We need a solid critical thinking/clinical …

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A regular complaint we see on social media comes from DPT students frustrated with what they are being taught in their DPT programs

Jarod and Mark both teach in DPT programs so they have been able to see both sides of this issue

Is PT school a history lesson?

Is this unique to DPT training?


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We have been talking to a lot of clinicians lately and a common theme seems to be emerging?

People are frustrated. Social media per usual feeds you a dichotomy that is devoid of any nuance.

Young clinicians are disenfranchised and are questioning what place if any manual therapy has in practice.…

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Joint mobilizations are a large part of our manual therapy training in school

We learn the convex concave rule and arthrokinematics in detail

But does it matter?

Do we need to be specific?

What are the mechanisms behind an effect with joint mobilizations?

Join Jarod and Mark as they dive into …

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We have all been there.

A person we are working with comes in with primary complaints of pain in the shoulder region

We jump on the primary hypothesis of it being a primary shoulder related issue.

Six visits later nothing is changing.

Both patient and clinician are getting frustrated.

Did you …

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Sept. 20, 2021

MPP 67: Covid Fatigue

We are living in unprecedented times that have not likely been similarly witness since the last major pandemic of the Spanish Flu

Covid has taken a toll on us all.

Tragically, many of us have experienced terrible loss in our circle of friends, family, and colleagues.

Social media is full of mis…

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What we all were taught about stretching and what science is saying about stretching are two different things

Per usual social media tends to create a false dichotomy of you should never or you should always stretch.

What about patients who LOVE to stretch? Do we tell them to stop?

Are there tim…

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Lumbar stenosis is a common imaging finding we often see in clinic.

Is it always clinically relevant?

How do we test this clinically?

We must be careful to treat people and not images.

Listen in this week as Mark and Jarod share their experience with lumbar stenosis

Related articles:

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The first 8+ years of Mark's career was spent moving back and forth to new tools to add to the toolbox

His clinical process was to throw the kitchen sink at patients and hope for the best.

If people improved or worsened he had no idea what in the kitchen sink may have contributed.

A clinical pro…

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We have been having a blast with our first clinician enrolled in our Complete Clinician Supercharged Program.

We have had a lot of questions about the structure and experiences in the program.

We figured who best to tell you then the people themselves.

Listen to Howard Yan share his experience w…

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We have been having a blast with our first clinician enrolled in our Complete Clinician Supercharged Program.

We have had a lot of questions about the structure and experiences in the program.

We figured who best to tell you then the people themselves.

Listen to Kyle Yuro share his experience wi…

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